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How to Unicorn Tie Dye

Unicorn Tie-Dye Technique

Techniques . July 05 2017 .Posted By: Admin

Do you believe? Whether you do or don’t it’s no myth that unicorns can be found everywhere… any why not on tie dye?

Unicorn Tie Dye pinch fabric in center

Step 1:

Lay damp shirt on work surface and pinch fabric in the center, pulling upward to create a tube shape.

Unicorn Tie Dye wrap shirt with rubber bands

Step 2:

Wrap a rubber band around the shirt about 3 inches from the tip, then wrap another about an inch below the first.

Unicorn Tie Dye apply dye colors

Step 3:

Apply a different dye color to each section of the shirt.

How to Unicorn Tie Dye wrap, let set and rinse

Step 4:

Wrap dyed shirt in plastic and let set 6 to 8 hours or longer. Rinse and launder according to kit instructions.

How to Unicorn Tie Dye iron on transfer

Step 5:

Iron shimmer transfer shapes onto shirt as desired, following instructions from kit.

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