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How to Spiral Tie Dye

Spiral Tie-Dye Technique

Techniques . April 18 2017 .Posted By: Admin

Put a twist on tie dye with the spiral tie-dye technique! Whether you use one color or four, you'll love the winding effects!

Spiral Tie-Dye Technique - pinch fabric and start twisting

Step 1:

Wash shirt (or other fabric item) without fabric softener and leave damp. Since Tulip One-Step Tie Dye contains soda ash in the formula, there's no need to presoak your fabric before dyeing it! Lay your damp fabric out flat on your covered work surface and pinch it at the center of where your tie-dye spiral pattern will start. It doesn't have to be in the middle of the fabric, it can be anywhere! Twist until all fabric is in a spiral shape.

Spiral Tie-Dye Technique - bind fabric with rubber bands

Step 2:

Once your fabric is twisted into a tight spiral, wrap 3 to 4 rubber bands around it to secure. Crisscross the rubber bands to  create 6 to 8 wedge shapes for adding tie dye.

Spiral Tie-Dye Technique - dye wedge sections

Step 3:

Mix your desired Tulip One-Step Tie-Dye colors according to instructions. With the spiral tie-dye pattern, you can use as many dyes as wedge shapes you have, or you can use as few as one dye color. Have fun and experiment - there's no wrong way to tie dye! Apply One-Step Tie Dyes to wedge shapes, then flip spiraled fabric over and repeat on backside and sides. Let your tie dye set for 6 to 8 hours or longer for the dye to fully set. Tip: place in a sealed zipper bag or cover with plastic to keep damp while the dye processes for best results. After the dye has finished setting, launder according to instructions.

Spiral Tie-Dye Ideas

Now that you've mastered the spiral tie-dye technique, it's time to get inspired! Check out this post featuring spiral tie-dye ideas to see how you can mix and match Tulip One-Step Dye colors for super fun spiral designs that stand out!

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